Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday Evening Sky Divine

Evening Sky Divine

It was after 5pm, and the February sun was lowering itself slowly and gently onto the tops of the tall trees that shroud Charleville Castle in eternal shadow and mystic. Holly dog and myself were well overdue a walk in the evening spring air - having over indulged in, well - actually another well overdue treat for the man and me in the shape of a decadent Sunday lunch out. We don't treat ourselves that often - small treats here and there for sure. Like baking fresh apple and cinnamon scones on Saturday afternoons, or sneaking an afternoon nap on the Holly Cottage sofa when the sun is golden through the tall glass doors. Bliss divine. 

Hurray for the weekend I say. Time to catch up on sleep, time to bake some treats, time to put on non-work clothes and swap style-less wellies for high heels and high boots. Wearing wellies is a daily event for me, and to be honest I do enjoy the non glamour aspect of the job, keeps it real ;) During the week, hair and make up are largely dictated by which way the wind is blowing and the rose in my cheeks is  cause of the near zero chill wind factor blowing over the open landscape. And fashion comprises bundles of fleeces and wind proof coats - less wondrous than the glistening frosty veils of delicate silver birch or the winter down of seed head heavy century flowers. Can't compete with the timeless beauty of those effortless style icons ;) I am a clumsy over dressed Homo sapiens chick trundling through the wilds compared to their subtle panache

I digress. Back to our Sunday evening sky. 

There's something wonderfully humbling about walking amongst the Charleville trees at dusk. They are the lords of the wood - the magnificent Oaks, splendid Beech and the astounding and ancient Yew. As we walked off our Sunday indulgences, the evening sun lit our way, but it was dropping slowly and gracefully out of sight. The Blackbird was the last bird to be silenced in the darkening woods - it's song so diverse and shrill in the chilling air. One last throw of the schtick and then it was our turn to hurry home in the cold twilight. Back to the warmth of the firelight, back to the hearth of home. And we left behind glorious pinks and reds and blues and dusky greys layered in a sky that promised another day of sunshine come tomorrow's morning. Bliss divine on a cold Sunday evening. Hope ye enjoy it wherever ye are. 

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